Hello, and welcome to the third review posted onto Drones and Whatnot, the review of the Syma X5SW.


First of all, the good points about this drone. It has FPV (see the glossaryto see what this means). This is very important as most drones in this price range have very poor or or no FPV capabilities at all. The FPV system on this drone is very clever, where the modular camera (that  can be swpped for a higher quality of camera) transmits a WiFi signal. You must then download the Syma app, which is available on both IOS and Android. Finally, you need to connect to the Syma FPV WiFi and open the app. Your phone will then automatically display the footage from the drone, and the mobile interface allows you to take photos and videos remotely. The only bad point about this system is that it records to your phone therefor losing some quality, and this makes all of the difference on a 0.3mp camera. Finally, the camera can be removed, allowing for extra flight time. Next, the propellors, prop guards and the landing gear are all attached with screws, so they will definitely not fall off (just in case you're wondering, the drone comes with both the screws and the screwdriver to attach everything).

Th final good point is that this drone has automatic flip functions, with you needing to only press a button on the controller.


Now, the negative points. This drone can only fly about 50 metres away, and if you go out of range, then the drone will just fall, and will automatically re-pair when it is back in range. In addition, this drone is worse than useless in winds, as even with the throttle fully forward, this drone will get blown away incredibly easily. Do not let this take away from this drone though, as in low wind, it is a very stable camera platform.


 Flyability: 2 modes and flips, 8/10

Controlability: basic controls with flip button, 9/10

Stability: 6 axis gyroscope, 9/10

Filming: basic camera is 0.3mp, but is upgradable, 7/10

FPV quality: drops out, but still works, 7/10

Altitude: very low, 2/10

Durability: 6/10

Overall: 7/10









Hello, welcome to the review of the Syma X5SW remote.

In this review, we will be following up on the review of theSyma X5SW drone. First of all, the good points about this remote. It has, as most remotes do, a screen to tell you the diagnostics of the remote and drone, e.g the remote battery life and the mode of the drone. In addition, it displays the trim of the drone, allowing you to make easy adjustments in mid air. Next, as this remote is for an FPV drone, the antenna is designed to, when paired with the clip, support your phone easily. Also, the two buttons on the corners are a mode changer, allowing for higher sensitivity, and the other button allows for easy flips. Finally, to finish off the good points, the white oval at the top of the remote (pictured above) will light up according to what stage of pairing that you are in.


Now, the bad points. Firstly, the chrome plates around the control sticks is made out of a cheap plastic, not actually metal. In addition, the buttons around the screen are not actually functional, and are just for decoration. Finally, the remote is not ergonomic and it feels like you are holding a plastic brick when you aresay flips.Overall, this is a good remote, but definitely not the best on the market.


Flyability: 2 modes, 8/10

Controlability: basic controls, 9/10

Stability: N/A

Filming: N/A

FPV quality: N/A

Altitude: N/A


Overall: 8/10




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