The Ratel is one of the newest cameras from CADDX. I've been running it on my newest build, and so far I've been very impressed!


















Form Factor:


This camera comes in a 19x19 micro format. This means that it's compatible with many frames on the market today, even though you may have to use an adapter (I had to print an adapter to mount this camera in my Source One build).




This camera comes with exactly what you'd expect: mounting bracket, screw set, hex driver, OSD board and an optional ND filter, along with the warranty card and cables. It all comes packaged in a nice foam padded box, so your camera should be well protected.


THe sensor in this camera is 1/1.8 inches, which is very respectable for an FPV camera. The sensor also outputs a 1200TVL image according to CADDX. THe camera is also able to use 5-40V according to CADDX, which eans you don't need to use a separate BEC or voltge regulator, even though you may want to do this to filter out the noise from VBAT.


The camera comes in ifferent configurations, with a 1.66mm lens, a 2.1mm lens or a 2.1mm lens with removable ND filter.


Software/non-hardware features:


This camera is switchable in format between NTSC and PAL. It is also capable of outputting 4:3 and 18:9 images depending on your preference. 


Like most modern cameras, this camera has its own OSD that you can configure through the included OSD board ro display a pilot name etc.


Image quality:


The included video is from the DVR in my goggles, so there is obviosly going to be a reduction in video quality. In the goggles, I've found that the picture is very pleasing, even on its preconfigured settings. 


I find the typical shimmer tgat you get from CMOS cameras very distracting, so I'm pleased to report that this camera doesnt have much shimmer (if any). From what I have seen, the low ligh performance is very good. I had a day out flying, and my spotter had to tell me to land because he was having trouble seeing the quad, whereas it looked like broad daylight through the camera.



Overall, I'm very hapy with the performance of this camea, and would definitely be happy to use it on my next build.




Date written: 26th May 2020