Hello! Welcome to dronesandwhatnot.com. I've been flying for around 5 years and I'm still learning new things about quads, and the hobby is advancing so quickly that by tomorrow there will be even more new things to learn. This is a great hobby, so I want to help get as many people in the air as possible - if you have any questions about anything I've written, if you want recommendations or have anything you want me to add, then feel free to get in touch!


At the moment, this site is still under construction (I've had to shift everything over from my old web host and it hasn't exactly gone to plan), so please bear with me.


If you want to have a look at the old site, it can be found on the Wayback Machine.


For the time being, here is my setup:



Drones and Whatnot

Taranis q x7

This is one of the most popular transmitters on the market (for now). It has 2 pots and loads of switches, bearing gimbals (which I'm going to upgrade to Hall-effect gimbals at some point in the future) and the OpenTX interface, compatible with voive commands and expandable storage.


By far my favourite feature is the ability to flash my receiver modules to the latest firmware using the S.port. 

Emax hawk 5

I know, not the most recent quad on the market, but it performs well and there are loads of 3D printable parts online for when things break or I want to upgrade something. This one has been modified with a custom designed TPU camera and antenna holder. I've also swapped out the original dipole whip antenna for a Lumenier AXII RHCP stubby antenna, attached to the VTX with a U.FL to SMA pigtail.

Skyzone sky02 x

These goggles are brilliant for any hobbyists who don't need ultra-high quality gear but still want an exceptional experience - the screens have a decently high resolution, the reception is good, the OSD is outstanding, as is the DVR feature. These goggles support HDMI input as well as AV channels and a head-trcking port. They're not HDO2s, but they are more than adequate for any pilot looking for a good step-up pair of goggles.


Merlin - my custom build

My first custom-build, this is my main freestyle rig. I used the TBS Source One frame for all the open source designs online, and well-established components inside, like the Mamba F722S stack, the Xing 2207 Unibell motors and CADDX Ratel camera, withe the Rush Tank Ultimate Plus and a FrSKY R-XSR for the transmitting/receiving side of things.